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So how does your program work? 


Our goal is to help those with an intention to buy/own a home, but maybe their credit won’t allow them to get a standard mortgage just yet. So with our program, we don’t check your credit, we just ask for an up-front deposit (Amount may vary per property) and verify you have a steady income. You’ll pay a standard monthly lease price to live in the home and the non-refundable deposit will go towards the purchase price of the home if you decide to exercise your option to buy later on.


Where are your homes located? 


All over the valley, we acquire new rent-to-own properties every week. So check back on often.


Do I have to pay an HOA?


Only certain properties have HOA fees, but our company pays those fees on your behalf until you officially purchase the home.


Am I locked into a contract for the full term of the agreement? 


Nope, you can move out at any time, just know that the upfront deposit is non-refundable. 


Will I have to go through a bank to get one of your homes?


No, a bank will not be necessary to get into one of our homes. 


Why are your homes priced the way they are?


Our homes are typically priced slightly over current market value, because we option them for a 5-7 year agreement. Our company projects a 3%+ appreciation on our properties each year so we adjust price based on that. 



Can I sell the home to anyone else?


You do have the option to transfer your 

exclusive option to buy to another individual. 


Can I bring my pet? 


Yes, but we do require a one time pet fee. 




Does my deposit go towards the purchase price?


Yes, it does!




Does my rent go towards the purchase price? Rent credits?


No, due to Arizona laws and regulations rent payments will not go towards the purchase price. 



Can I make changes to the home?


Yes, you can make changes for (ex: paint, carpet) But if you plan on making major renovations (New cabinets, take down a wall) we ask that you notify us for approval beforehand. 



Can I purchase at any time? Is there a penalty for purchasing early?


Yes, you can purchase at anytime time within the agreed option timespan.