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Jerry Jones-Partner

J & G Strategic Investments, LLC


Hailey, Carsten, Jerry and Senecca at Disneyland!


The picture of me having fun with my Grandchildren is what is most important to me and my wife of 42 years. We think that these children will represent us well as the future generation.

Some of my other accomplishments have been fun and rewarding to me and my family. I successfully served my country as a Special Agent for the FBI for 25 years and specialized in Anti-terrorism and Foreign Counter-Intelligence. After my government service, I started a high tech company and served as its Chairman for 10 years. This business is still functioning and is selling surveillance products to the Police and Military.

My adventure in Real Estate is great and we are already experiencing a phenomenal return on our efforts to buy land sell homes. My partner and I enjoy helping others find the exact home they desire and are very interested in helping others sell their homes in this tough market. I am look forward to serving you and having another successful career in Real Estate investment.